Tools for Living was founded in the mid-seventies, and years later, we're still one of Florida's top sales representative companies. Through the years we've seen a lot of changes in the Florida market. We realize that personal service is still the key to being successful. Our sales team is dedicated to providing this service to our customers.

Being a Florida only sales group we understand what it takes to own and operate a successful retail store in our state. We have geared our product assortment to support that knowledge.

We present the Tools for Living web site and ordering portal for your convenience. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.


Mike Reuter

Mike moved to Florida from Rhode Island to attend college. He became a sales representative soon after graduating from Florida International University. Mike runs the day to day business side of the company. He also works with the department stores, large specialty retailers, and the internet and export trade. Mike brings many years of successful marketing and sales to the organization.

Debbie Reuter

Debbie grew up in North Carolina where she was an art teacher before moving to Florida. She is now using her creativity to advance her sales career. Debbie enjoys interacting with her customers and traveling in her territory; the southern part of Florida.

Linda Schryver, Sales Representative
Linda grew up in Fort Lauderdale and enjoys seeing how the state has developed over the years. The 20+ years that she has spent in sales has enhanced her creativity and market savvy allowing her to help her clients purchase with confidence. Linda even helps her clients rearrange their stores to maximize their merchandise sales. For linda, customers always come first.

Shannon Addison, Sales Representative
Shannon is the wife of a retired Navy Commander and a Mom to two teenage daughters. She is very active and spends her spare time lifting weights and playing pickle ball. She has a background in sales, and thoroughly enjoys interacting with customers. She hopes to build strong relationships with her clients through her diligence, loyalty, and most importantly her outgoing personality.

She looks forward to meeting you and accomplishing her goal of helping you achieve yours.

Diane Gooden, Sales Representative
Our lines are geared to support our Florida customers. When I get the call saying "WE NEED TO SEE YOU FOR A RE-ORDER", I know I’ve done my job. Diane lives in Clearwater and loves the beach -- you'll find here there when she can get away. The rest of her time is spent with her favorite sidekick, Rosie.